6 Strategies To Better Estimates

Use this free guide to improve your estimates and thereby increase your agency's profitability.

Dear agency owner,

If you find yourself asking this question frequently...

"We have a ton of clients and a stellar team, but our profit sucks. What gives?"

...first, I’d love to give you some major kudos! 

Look, you’ve got one of the biggest hurdles to growth tackled -- sales and marketing.

You’re securing new clients. They’re saying yes to your proposals. 

But, you’ve now hit the next growth hurdle: operations and profitability.

And, in my experience, I’ve found that the challenge often starts with your client estimates.

The big mistake you’re likely making (don’t worry, you’re in good company) is that there’s quite a gap between the scope of work outlined in your estimates and the amount of work actually required to make the client happy.

Because your estimate isn’t an accurate reflection of the work involved, you are way underpricing the project. This, of course, leaves you with none to very little profit.

How do you fix this problem? Well, you get better at estimates by using the 6 strategies I've outlined in this free guide.

Hi, I'm Amber Slaughter!

 I’m a Project Management and Operations Consultant. 

I bring 20+ years of experience from corporate project management to small, medium and large creative agencies who are looking to boost their profits, streamline delivery and improve their client experience.

In this free guide, I'll share 6 strategies to improve your agency's estimates, so you can increase profitability...

"Amber is one of those rare people who possess a quantitative understanding and creative insight with a personable character. Her powerful interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and deep knowledge of organizational development and project management are apparent in the first few minutes you meet her."

 - Jennifer Canipe

“This is exactly what I needed to tackle an important item that has been sitting on my ‘to do’ list for far too long! As you know, we beta launched our new product over the summer and as I move it into evergreen sales, I really need to improve the quality and quantity of testimonials on the sales page. Mostly people don't just decide to drop you a thank you email right? Even if the product is great!
I know roughly what I should be doing but taking the time to word the email, survey questions and figure out if there was something else I should do - it was all too much and therefore it wasn't happening.
Now I know exactly what I'm doing! I can even hand it off to my VA and just give it a check before it goes out because you have done so much of the work for me. Thank you - love this and look forward to working with you 1:1 again in the future!”

 - Kathryn Leslie, Teaching Talking

    Teaching Talking

6 Strategies To Better Estimates

Get this free guide, so you can improve your agency's profitability.

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